The Ultimate Christmas Card Organizer App.
Christmas Card Keeper

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Available v1.01

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Christmas Card Keeper is the ultimate Christmas Card Organizer for saving those beautiful Holiday Cards for you to enjoy for years to come.  Imagine seeing years of cards in a beautiful, easy to use app.  No more digging through old dusty boxes to share past pictures. 

Christmas Card Keeper is not just for Christmas Card organizing either!  You can organize cards by any event you want!  Birthdays, Weddings, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, and more. 

Event Cover Images create a stunning personalized viewing experience.  

Create cards from your camera or import them to from your photo library.  An because cards come in so many shapes and sizes, you can crop, rotate, and scale card images.  If you want, you can  add Title and Message information about each card.  You can also assign the cards to contacts in your address book.

Multiple page cards are supported, so you don’t have to leave out anything.

Once you have cards entered into Christmas Card Keeper, you can view cards in a beautiful list format or grid format.  Just tap on the cards to zoom in. 

Share your cards with friends and family over email. 

Many more features to come in future updates! 

So before you put away or throw out those Christmas Cards, enter them into the ultimate Christmas Card Organizer... Christmas Card Keeper and enjoy the holidays forever!

Screen Grabs

List View

Grid View

Detail View

(Tap on Card Image)

Swipe to Change Event View

Edit Card

Email Card

Delete Card

List View


Grid/List View


Add Card

Side Menu

Pinch to Zoom and Pan

New Card Image from Camera

New Card Image from Camera

Images for Card

Make Current Image Cover Image for Card

Delete Card Image

Card Title, Message, Contact, and Date

Edit Card Title & Message

Assign Address Book Contact

Set Date and Event

Edit - Crop, Zoom, Rotate Image

Drag blue dots to Crop

Pinch/Expand to Zoom In/Out

Use Two Fingers to Rotate image.

Tap to Close Menu

Select Menu Option

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